Camomilla V., Di Maio G., Vasellino M., Donati M., Cappozzo A., Bellotti P. “Inertial sensor feedback during squat exercise.” 28th Conference of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports, August 2010, Marquette, USA.

The half-squat is the most widely used exercise in the resistance training, which must be considered optimal only if is specific and safe. Safeness relies, with other factors, in using the correct technique and being provided with adequate monitoring and feedback. In this perspective, this study a) provided a thoroughly characterization of the less dangerous squat technique, b) showed how wearable inertial measurement units (IMU) can be used to quantify key variables useful to reduce errors. The IMU estimate presented a good concurrent validity (r=0.91) for trunk maximal forward inclination, although with significant mean systematic bias of 7±5 deg, and fair concurrent validity for pelvis and barbell rotations in the frontal plane with lower systematic biases, thus encouraging to use IMUs to provide practitioners a quantitative feedback of the execution.

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