junior fellows

Giovanni Corvini

Giovanni Corvini received his master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Sapienza in 2019. He completed his master thesis at the Neural Rehabilitation Group (NRG) at Cajal Institute, CSIC, in Madrid. In 2020 he worked as a researcher at the Neural Rehabilitation Group, studying the activity of Motor Units extracted from surface EMG in […]

Vincent Gibeaux

Vincent graduated from the biomechanics master degree of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in 2019. His master thesis consisted on the study of the effects of bone anchored transfemoral prosthesis on gait dynamics compared to the usual socket fitted prosthesis. His current PhD thesis consist on the numerical simulation of pathological gait over daily obstacles […]

Paolo Brasiliano

As a PhD student I will focus on the characterization of ankle function during gait.In my latest work I analyzed the effects of an orthotic intervention on ankle kinetics and kinematics in children with Idiopathic Toe Walking using multi-segment foot model. Moreover, I investigated the impact of the use of mono and multi-segment foot model […]

Leandro Lucangeli

Leandro Lucangeli graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in 2016. In 2020 he achieved the MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Roma Tre University with the thesis “Development of sensorized socks for the evaluation of phlebopathic patients in telemonitoring”. The thesis work was done in collaboration with the “Technoscience – Parco […]

Amaranta Soledad Orejel Bustos

Amaranta Orejel graduated in Physical Therapy in Mexico, in 2014. In 2019, she accomplished her MSc degree in Health and Physical Activity at the University of Rome “Foro Italico” with the thesis “How to characterize dynamic balance in people with severe Traumatic Brain Injury using inertial sensors? Evaluating the effectiveness of a vestibular rehabilitation” in […]

Weronika Piatkowska

Her research activity regards mainly the analysis of surface electromyography as a tool to evaluate muscular activity of subjects with different pathologies.She is a member of the European Society for Motion Analysis in Adult and Children (ESMAC) and of the Italian Society for Clinical Motion Analysis (SIAMOC).She is author and co-author of abstracts published in […]

Francesca Salis

Francesca Salis was born in Sassari, Italy, in 1993. She received her Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino with 109/110 in 2018. After graduation, she worked for the University of Sassari as research assistant to develop algorithms for the extraction of spatio-temporal parameters of gait. Since November 2019, she is a PhD […]

Elena Pegolo

Elena Pegolo got her bachelor’s degree (2017) in Biomedical Engineering and her master’s degree (2019) in Bioengineering at University of Padua. Her master thesis “Time analysis of sensory gating using P50 evoked potential in patients with schizophrenia” was developed during an Erasmus+ period at Reykjavik University. Currently, she is a PhD student at the PhD […]

Louis Riglet

I graduated from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in 2019 with a master degree in Biomechanics. My final internship was about “Ex vivo experiments on femurs to assess metastatic bone strength”. My thesis’ title is “Dual mobility cup: mobility and stability”. Firstly, I am going to improve understanding of the insert movement in dynamics by […]

Alfredo Ciniglio

Department of Information Engineering University of Padova  (BioMov-Lab) C/O DEI-O Via Ognissanti 72 35131 Padova Phone: +39 049 8277805 Alfredo Ciniglio got his master’s degree in Bioengineering at University of Padova (2018 – lower limb Biomechanical Analysis in injury prevention: comparison between field and laboratory based analysis). After 6 months of post-graduation traineeship at the […]


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