First Bohnes Colloquium

Rome, January 25-27 2015
Venue: Via di Villa Troili, 26 – 00163 ROMA

Rome, January 25-27 2015

Venue: Via di Villa Troili, 26 – 00163

The Centre’s research activities are meant to improve the knowledge of human locomotor system’s structure and functioning, and to implement effective digital tools and technologies, to be used in arts, skills, and professions.

The event was organized by Roma TRE University 
Starting with this event, this newly founded Centre will organize a yearly colloquium aimed at programming future activities and disseminating the outcome of past activities.


 Sunday 25


  • 18.30 IUC Bohnes Executive Committee meeting
  • 20.00 Dinner

 Monday 26

  • 8.00 Breakfast
  • 8.45 Welcome address A. Cappozzo/S. Conforto

Research vision and future projects in the area of neuromusculoskeletal bioengineering

Speakers will provide an overview of the objectives of their present and future research activity in the field of neuromusculoskeletal system bioengineering. Their ultimate goal will be to facilitate interactions and collaborative endeavours. To this purpose, speakers will highlight both their strengths and their weaknesses. READ ABSTRACTS 

of the IUC Bohnes members (20 min each, includes questions)

  • 9.00 Aix-Marseille University G. Rao
  • 9.20 Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University L. Chèze
  • 9.40 Polytechnic of Marche University S. Fioretti
  • 10.00 University of Sassari U. Della Croce
  • 10.20 Break
  • 10.50 University of Naples Federico II P. Bifulco
  • 11.10 University of Rome Foro Italico G. Vannozzi
  • 11.30 University of Rome RomaTRE S. Conforto

of the IUC Bohnes associate member

  • 11.50 ITOP E. Di Stanislao
  • 12.10 Discussion: programming future common activities
  • 13.00 End of the session
  • 13.30 Lunch

Round table: Defeating the soft tissue artefact in human skeletal kinematics reconstruction: the STAPAG endeavour (30 min each, includes questions) READ CVs and ABSTRACTS

In this session information about ideas and experimental data held by each participant in the STAPAG endeavour concerning the assessment, modelling, and compensation of the soft tissue artefact in stereophotogrammetry will be provided.

The ultimate goal of this session will be to identify a number of relevant research questions and form working groups prepared to share both thoughts and data and provide an answer to them.

  • 14.50 Introduction A. Cappozzo, University of Rome Foro Italico
  • 15.00 Contributions by R. Dumas, Université Lyon 1 – IFSTTAR
  • 15.30 V. Camomilla, University of Rome Foro Italico
  • 16.00 D. Benoit, University of Ottawa
  • 16.30 K. Aminian, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  • 17.00 Break
  • 17.30 M. Andersen, Aalborg University
  • 18.00 M. Begon, Université de Montréal
  • 18.30 Discussion: programming future common activities
  • 19.30 End of the session
  • 20.00 Dinner

Tuesday 27

  • 8.00 Breakfast


The objective of this workshop will be to share expertise. For this reason it will be characterized by a “generous” pedagogical approach. Hand-outs will be provided.

  • 9:00 Introduction S. Conforto, Roma TRE University
  • 9.15 Multi-muscle EMG: inferring neural control strategies from muscle coordination C. De Marchis, Roma TRE University, and G. Severini, Spaulding Rehab, Harvard Medical School, Boston USA
  • 10.00 EMG signal processing for the detection and characterization of neuromuscular fatigue A.M. Castronovo, Roma TRE University and University of Gottingen
  • 10:45 Break
  • 11:00 Modelling the muscle contraction mechanics D. Bibbo, Roma TRE University
  • 12.00 IUC Bohnes General Assembly
  • 13.40 Lunch
  • 15.00 Departures

Group photo of the participants:


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