Cristiano De Marchis

Department of Engineering – University of Rome “Roma Tre”
Via Vito Volterra, 62 00146 Roma Italy – tel.: +390657337057

Cristiano De Marchis obtained the PhD in Bioengineering at University ‘Roma TRE’ in 2013, defending the thesis entitled “Neuro-mechanics of human movement: processing techniques and computational models for an integrated view of motor behavior”. He is now a post-doctoral research fellow in bioengineering at the Department of Engineering of University ‘Roma TRE’. He is currently involved in research activities for the development of experimentally-driven models related to the control of human movement through the combination of multi-modal signals, the study and characterization of muscle coordination through the muscle synergies paradigm, the development of algorithms and solutions in the field of neuro-rehabilitation and biomedical signal processing. He’s also assisting BioLab3 research and teaching activities in the Department of Engineering at the University ‘Roma TRE’. He is a student member IEEE, EMBS, GNB. He serves as a reviewer for different international peer-reviewed journals in the field of bioengineering.


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