Daniele Bibbo

Department of Engineering – University of Rome “Roma Tre”
Via Vito Volterra, 00146 Roma Italy – tel.: +390657337298 fax.: +390657337026
e-mail: daniele.bibbo@uniroma3.it

Daniele Bibbo is a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (University of Rome “Roma Tre”) and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering (University of Bologna), currently Research Engineering in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of the Engineering Department, University of Rome “Roma Tre”. He had Academic contracts for teaching “Principles of Bioengineering (2nd module)” (2011-2014) and “Biomedical Engineering Laboratory” (2008-2011) and has been teaching assistaint in bioengineering courses since 2004 at the School of Engineering in Roma Tre University. His main research filelds are: design and development of new systems and instruments for the assessments of the performance in cycling; analysis of the cycling sport gesture and development of new tecnique for the performance increasing; design and development of microcontroller-based devices for the monitoring of biomedical instrumentations performances and for the evaluation of motor activities in human movement studies.


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