Director:  Ugo Della Croce

Vice-Director: Valentina Camomilla

The Director is elected by the EC among the Italian academic member representatives serving their university on a full time basis. The Director is nominated by the Rector of the administrating university. The Director serves for a three-year term and may not be re-elected more than once consecutively.
The Director has the following responsibilities:
  • to represent the Centre by mandate,
  • to convene and preside over the EC and GA meetings,
  • to submit the EC’s budget estimate, accounts and resolutions to the GA for consideration and approval,
  • to deliver an annual report to the member institutions concerning the Centre’s activities for the year,
  • to supervise the Centre’s overall operation and pursue its general interests.
The Director elects, from among the EC members, a vice-director who stands in for the Director in the event of his/her absence or other obstacles.


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