Eugenio Giner

Instituto de Ingeniería Mecánica y Biomecánica (I2MB) – Universitat Politècnica de València
Full address: Camino de Vera s/n Edificio 9C. 46022-Valencia (Spain)

PhD in Industrial Engineering (2001), Industrial Engineer (Mechanical mention) graduated at Polytechnical University of Valencia in 1993, extraordinary final degree award of 20th promotion. Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials, UPV since 07.04.16. Within the general context of Mechanical Engineering, my research lines focus on numerical methods, finite element method, fracture mechanics, XFEM, fatigue, fretting-fatigue, composite materials and biomechanics. I am currently leading the research team in structural integrity, belonging to the Research Centre in Mechanical Engineering (CIIM), UPV. The main objectives of the team are the state-of-the-art research combined with significant technological transfer to industry, together with young researchers training, support of career development and collaboration with relevant national and international research teams.

I have led as principal investigator (PI) 8 competitive projects in National Plan in Spain and 4 regional projects, being investigator in other 19 competitive projects, one of them financed in an international programme. I have also developed an intense work with industry leading more than 60 contracts and provision of services with companies.

My research activities result in 68 articles in journals indexed in ISI-JCR (54 Q1, 62 T1). I have reviewed more than 120 manuscripts for about 30 relevant journals focused on numerical methods, solid mechanics, fatigue, fracture mechanics and biomechanics. I have contributed with 168 at scientific conferences (75 international, 93 national).

I have supervised 11 doctoral theses since 2010 (3 more in progress) and more than 100 degree and master projects. I have been invited to participate as a member of committee for the evaluation of more than 30 doctoral theses out of my university, including U. Oxford and INSA-Lyon.

My research works have received 10 awards in conferences and I was finalist of the extraordinary final PhD award with my doctoral thesis. I have performed research stays at University of Oxford (Prof. David Hills, 2002), University of de California-Davis (Prof. Sukumar, 2005) and University of Porto (Prof. Camanho, 2015).

Finally, I have extensive experience in research management in national agencies for more than 12 years, including ANEP coordinator of the IME area (Mechanical, Naval and Aeronautical Engineering) and in university management as Head of Department for more than 5 years.


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