executive committee

The Executive Committee (ec)


Valentina Camomilla

Laurence Chèze

Silvia Conforto

Zimi Sawacha

Ugo Della Croce

Sandro Fioretti

Guillaume Rao

Annamaria Guiotto

The EC is composed of:
  • one representative for each of the participating universities (article 5);
  • one individual elected among the junior Fellows.
The junior Fellows’ representatives are elected and retain their position according to the rules reported in the Centre’s regulations. The EC runs the Centre’s general affairs. The EC is authorized to deal with all affairs, except those explicitly appointed to the GA. The participation of all components in the EC meetings is requested to:
  • propose and coordinate the Centre’s activities;
  • establish general policies and operating procedures for the Centre;
  • approve financial reports and budgets proposed by the Director;
  • decide on GA meeting’s time and place.
The participation in the EC meetings of the only Centre’s member representatives is requested to:
  • evaluate and approve new academic institutions’ admission requests;
  • evaluate and approve associate members’ admission and the nomination of their representatives in the GA;
  • member exclusions;
  • propose changes to the Centre’s Statute and regulation as in article 12.
Unless otherwise provided by the Statute, EC meetings do not need a quorum and all decisions are taken by simple majority, which is at least half of the present or represented GA members plus one. The EC meets at least twice a year. Under special circumstances, the Director may grant permission to participate in the GA via teleconferencing if:
  • the Director can verify the identity and the legitimacy of the teleconferencing participating EC members and can verify results of votes;
  • all participants can be identified, be able to follow and participate in real time to the discussion and participate to the votes regarding items in the agenda;
  • the transcribing member is able to follow the EC events to be transcribed.
If the above requirements are fulfilled, the EC is considered to be held where the Director and the Secretary are located. Director and Secretary are in charge of the minutes writing of the EC works and of their signing. The Director may authorise to make decisions, that is to vote, by correspondence (e-mail) only if a return receipt is provided. Minutes will be drawn up and submitted to all CE members within 30 days following the meeting. Notwithstanding the communication of the minutes, the members can exercise their right of inspection. The minutes are considered accepted by the members if, within 21 calendar days from receipt, no member has objected by letter, fax, e-mail or any other form of electronic communication to the Director.


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