Julia Greenfield

LBMC UMR_T9406, Laboratoire de Biomécanique et Mécanique des Chocs, Université Lyon 1 –IFSTTAR
43 Bd du 11 novembre 69 622 Villeurbanne cedex France – tel.: +33(0)472431411
email: julia.greenfield@ifsttar.fr

University of Grenoble Alpes,

Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences (UFR STAPS)

CS 10700
38058 Grenoble Cedex 9


Currently working as an assistant lecturer in the biomechanics field of sport and exercise sciences, my research is health-related in the field of orthopaedics and surgical solutions for fracture treatment. Starting from the biomechanical assessment of new implant options to evaluate the design, to the 3D reconstruction of a bone-implant construct for parametric analysis. The aim is to optimise implant development and surgical technique for prime surgeon and patient usage and outcome.


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