André Jacques

Faculté des Sciences du Sport & Institut des Sciences du Mouvement – Aix-Marseille Université
163 Avenue de Luminy, CP 910, 13009 Marseille – tel.: +33491172203

André Jacques (MSc. in Applied Acoustics and Vibrations, Le Mans University, France) is a Research Engineer in computational simulation (finite elements) and in scientific measurements at the Institute of Movement Sciences (UMR CNRS 7287) in Marseille, France. His work focuses on the development of finite elements foot models, based on transient simulation of biomechanical problems. The main part of the work is to develop detailed simulations models, with a high degree of anatomical precision (bones, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, soft tissues) actuated by time dependent, measurement based muscular forces patterns. The goal is to be able to predict movements, and tissue loading, for industrial (shoe development), academic or medical problems. His work is based on a 15 years’ experience on the development of transient models for the industry (CFD, crash, vibrations), now oriented to biomechanics.


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