Martina Rinaldi

Department of Engineering – University of Rome “Roma Tre”
Via Vito Volterra 62 00146 Roma Italy – tel.: +390657337212

Department of Engineering-University of Rome “Rome Tre”, Via Vito Volterra 62, Rome (Italy)

Tel.: +390657337057

PhD student in Electronic. Main research fields: study of motor coordination of neurological and orthopedic patients during walking and of healthy subjects. Main works:  Differential  changes  in  the  spinal  segmental  locomotor output  in Hereditary  Spastic Paraplegia”; “Global lower limb muscle coactivation during  walking  at  different  speeds:  relationship  between  spatio-temporal,  kinematic, kinetic and energetic parameters”; “Assessing the influence of SNR and pre- processing  filter  bandwidth  on  the  extraction  of  different  muscle  co-activation indexes from surface EMG data”.


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