ph.d program

ph.d program – the moy grant

The MOY grant

To get a MOY grant:

  1. Enrol in one of the partner institutions of the MOY-labelled programme.
  2. Complete an application obtained from one of the partner institutions of the programme
  3. Submit it to the institution in which you wish to enrol before the deadline specified in the application
  4. Your institution will inform you that you have been selected to receive a MOY mobility grant.

The MOY grant consists in a baseline monthly allotment of €1,500, in order to cover living expenses. The amount actually paid out is equal to the baseline amount multiplied by a coefficient that takes into account the cost of living in the host country. The coefficients used are the same as those used in the Marie Curie European grant programme. For the transportation, there is a lump sum of € 300,00 for one semester of mobility, or € 600,00 for two semesters of mobility.


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