Seminar: “Human injury biomechanics”

Speaker: Paul C. Ivancic, PhD Assistant Professor – Biomechanics Research Laboratory – Dept of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Yale University School of Medicine New Haven CT 06520, USA

September 12, 2014
From 11:00 to 12:00 a.m.
In Room MA4 of the University of Rome Foro Italico


Research in human injury biomechanics investigates mechanisms which cause traumatic injuries. Simulation of injuries in the laboratory using cadaveric models facilitates detailed studies of traumatic injury mechanisms including quantification of loads and motions required to cause injury. Understanding the biomechanical mechanism of injury is important clinically to help guide and inform stability needs of the patient and in choosing the most appropriate treatment option. The biomechanical data are also needed for the future development of injury prevention systems and rule modifications in sports. In this talk, I will review research in human injury biomechanics with emphasis on spine injuries. I will address: mechanisms of whiplash injuries and their prevention; cervical disc herniation and facet joint injuries due to whiplash; upper cervical spine trauma including atlas and dens fractures; lower cervical facet dislocation; neck compression injuries due to head-first impact; and mechanisms of thoracolumbar spine injuries due to fall from height.

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